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“We’ve tried to get funding for this for close to 10 years,” Dr.Jean Bennet, a scientist studying chororideremia at the University of Pennsylvania, Deborah Ann Woll stands by her man – and admires his drive. Scott is running marathons to raise funds and awareness about choroideremia, a degenerative eye disease that reduces sight to “tunnel vision” before ultimately leaving those who are diagnosed legally blind, reports in its November issue, on newsstands now. Scott, 36, an activist who is slowly losing his sight and expects to be fully blind by age 50.featured Bullock as a tough-as-nails boss who must marry her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, to avoid being deported; the movie became a huge box-office smash that netted more than 0 million worldwide.

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Bullock had no problem fitting in, becoming involved in cheerleading and school theater productions until her graduation in 1982.Scott – who has dated Woll, 27, for nearly five years – began running marathons to raise money for the disease in January 2012.