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I found the strength to leave – he did fine and was in a new relationship a month later but I hurt his make pride and paid the price. Someone once told me that I was not GREEK and therefore didn’t have the skills to ‘be the neck’ which is quite telling. Incompatibility" "He had such a twisted brain that when I caught him cheating and got upset and screamed at him (normal reaction) he twisted the whole scenario that I am the bad woman because I screamed and got angry. He chose to forget that and try to make me the bad one. He would be super romantic to me one moment, and when I did something that he didn’t like (such as use my social media sites too much), he would snap at me and act as if I was his worst enemy! Also, if you are a strong, successful woman with a mind of her own - this can be quite "threatening" to their ego. If this guy has the least bit of "low self-esteem" this becomes worse. They have not a clue to "compromise" in relationships.

In Greece as a girl you learn from observing your mother’s manipulation of the head of the family and you repeat … No I did not have these ‘skills’ but a relationship should never be about manipulation – it should be about love, respect, equality, mutual support and so much more. " "GREEK GIRLS ARE SO RACIST TO BLACK AFRICAN BOY, WHY IS IT LIKE THAT , AM SUPRISE THAT ONLY HERE HAVE SEEN IT LIKE THAT, I PRAY THEY COME TO REALISE WHAT THEY ARE MISSING" "Steve 2 months ago Most Greek men are arrogant, pompous, mamma’s boys. She would not have a Greek man as she knows what a pain in the ass they can be. They are nothing but womanisers and drug dealers who live with their mommies! Actually, it has been documented that the marriage patterns of Greeks look like this: Islander to Islander, Mainland to Mainland. They like to show you off only for a boost in their ego.

"Quote Originally Posted by obsidian View Post Dated a few Greek dudes.

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So whether you are looking for true love or simply dating, a confident smile goes a long way.Sometimes other people seem too slow, so you finish their sentences for them. Even though you are sexy, both men and women agree that confidence and a sense of humor are very important when seeking a date or soul mate.

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