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Pen Pals does not endorse any services or products and visitors are asked to do their own due diligence before making any purchase.Please read our International Pen Pals - Searching for pen pals internationally?esync is a service under the Lunch Actually Group, the dating agency with largest database in Singapore.The agency also has offices in Malaysia, Hongkong, Indonesia and Thailand, and we have been featured more than 600 times in the media.Some people like to look for pen pals closer to home too, with an eye on one of these pen pals turning into someone special.

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Her focus has been on expanding her business in China of late as she launches her second flagship clothing store.

The quiz allows us to match you with eligible singles based on 16 different areas of compatibility.

Our dating consultants will also personally speak to you on the phone to help you coordinate your dates!

Likewise, knowing when to say "No" to a friend's request is another vague concept that no friendship quiz is likely to be able to quantify.

The real issue is: Do you actually need to take a friendship quiz to figure out if you are a good friend? If you think of the friendship quiz as a "checklist", then you can run down that checklist to see if you seem to be meeting the basic requirements.We are an accredited company by the Singapore Development Network (SDN), a Singapore government unit.

Really,it's more of an insult than a neg, but I can see a girl familiar with pickup calling it a neg and being pissed. Next the girl tears apart the guy, basically saying that he'll be stuck in mediocrity forever because "IT'S WHO YOU ARE". With most girls I talk to for any length of time, the topic comes up anyway because they ask about the books I've written.… continue reading »

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Respecting each other means treat others as you'd like to be treated.… continue reading »

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What these stats imply: “A woman’s at her best when she’s in her very early twenties. Or, you can look at it this way: Men’s expectations never grow up.… continue reading »

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