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29-Jul-2017 08:14

“I’m working with Jennifer so obviously I’m having a thing with her,” he said.

Leaning forward in the American hotel room where he is doing the rounds for The Ugly Truth, he claims the long list of women he’s supposedly dated, including Cameron Diaz, are not true. I’ve managed to have a decent long-term relationship that nobody ever found out about.

Reportedly, Adrien is both "charming and intelligent" and what's more “Jen always feels at ease in his company." so far, so good.

Unfortunately, the source goes on to note that, "And besides the fact he isn’t insecure about her success, she loves the dangerous, edgy side to him.

To top it off, Adrien, once in a long term relationship with actress Elsa Pataky, has recently been seen dating around himself.

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Cracking up, the Glaswegian laughed: “I sat down and said, “Hey, you know, she may have won the Oscar, but I think I really had to bring my acting down to do these scenes with her.’” “It was a complete joke.

For new rom-com film The Ugly Truth, in which he plays a chauvinistic character, Gerard, who flexed his muscles in 300 admits: “I think every man has a bit of a sexist and a chauvinist in him if he’s being honest.” And what about Jennifer Aniston who he has been linked with and who he will be starring with in new film Bounty Hunter. Who Jennifer Aniston dated; list of Jennifer Aniston loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.Fans will also enjoy these photos of beautiful Jennifer Aniston and older pics of young Jen. Pappademas: Now playing: "Hang Fire" by the Rolling Stones. If you’re paying that much, why not get something that isn’t from fucking Tattoo You? That the guy you’re meant to be with is the guy who treats you like shit all the time.

On the Terrible Life Chart, the deaf mute guy with no arms and no legs praying for death in Johnny Got His Gun is #1 and then Jennifer Aniston is #2 because John Mayer was mean to her. IT’S AS IF THE MAKERS OF THIS MOVIE ARE NOT THINKING CAREFULLY.**Fierman: **I’m really unclear on what’s the A plot and what’s the B plot here. I will bet you actual money that whoever wrote this script refers to Elmore Leonard exclusively as "Dutch."**Pappademas: **You know what needs to go into the Cliché Vault for at least five years? You gotta ask the caddies." Gerard Butler is totally going to find out who threw that Baby Ruth in the swimming pool! I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but I’m suicidally bored so here goes: These movies, where the lady and the asshole guy have to pretend they’re in love due to some plot contrivance, and then, who’d’a thunk it, they actually fall in love? Not just because they’re almost always about actors with no chemistry, selected according to some Billy Beane-like box-office stats model, attempting to delude us into thinking they’re Powell and fucking Loy. I think women watch these movies where people who can’t stand each other and actually treat each other really badly end up falling in love, and they expect life to conform to this model. Best to keep dating these sexy men (who are remarkably celeb sex tape free).