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Is there unusual activity showing your spouse driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when they’re supposed to be at work in Westchester?

If you have a family account to share purchases of music, videos and apps across your devices, you may also be able to see the location of your other family members' Apple devices, including i Pads and Mac Books, in addition to i Phones.

Many apps and services, like Facebook and Google search, will facilitate your searches by auto filling when you start to type, based on what you’ve searched for before, or show you a list of recent searches.

Try selecting the search bar or start typing to see what pops up.

If your spouse is supposed to be on a business trip to Seattle but browsing hotels in New York, this is where the browser history can help you out.

Also, the browser history may reveal whether they're visiting email sites (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail) where you didn't know they had an account.

You may be able to log in to your spouse's account online if their login info is stored in the browser or password bank, otherwise check their email for their monthly statement.

If you use E-ZPass or another toll payment system in your cars, check the online statement.

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In turn, that means a person’s smartphone may have captured their location data on an ongoing basis.Others, like Hide it Pro (free on Google Play) will hide apps as well.