Teacher dating a parent

12-Feb-2018 15:40

While it was common in the past for a teacher to only speak to parents during Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher conferences, teachers nowadays are expected to communicate more frequently.

Some school districts require teachers to send home interim grade reports; others ask teachers to touch base with parents at least once per marking period whether their students are doing poorly or well.

I thought we had avoided all of that with the emails!

” It can be nerve-wracking enough to have to communicate about a struggling student – it’s even worse when the parents seem perplexed by an issue we’ve already told them about. I once sat in a meeting trying desperately to figure out the polite way to ask a parent to stop talking about how her son, my student, was interfering with her sex life.

What worries them is when a parent comes in looking for a fight, rather than an answer to their concern. As I started to pull all of this together I realized that it sounds a bit negative towards parents.

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“I had tried everything I could think of to help one of my student’s stay organized but nothing was working.

As time slipped by I realized that conferences have been over for almost every district and the topic might not be as relevant as it was a month ago.