Worlds smartest female chatbot

07-Nov-2017 16:55

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Facebook Messenger is now used by more than 700 million people each month.Whats App, also owned by Facebook, has more than 900 million monthly users."If Microsoft had been using the Broad Listening AEI, they would have given the bot a personality that wasn't racist or addicted to sex!

The assistants, sometimes referred to as “chatbots,” represent noteworthy advancements to computer programs that simulate conversations.“Ultimately, they should be able to anticipate your needs and help you shop.”These robot helpers are also expected to assume more human-like qualities in 2016, exchanging messages in a conversational style that more closely resembles a friend’s way of speaking than a computer’s mechanical responses.The human side of chatbots will be most apparent in mobile messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, where the social network has already begun perfecting its own virtual assistant called “M.” M, first released to a small number of Messenger users in August, is just like any of your other Facebook friends, except that, in addition to striking up a conversation or cracking a joke, the assistant can book travel, make purchases or wait on hold with the cable company when you’re not in the mood."When Tay started training on patterns that were input by trolls online, it started using those patterns," said Rosenberg.

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"This is really no different than a parrot in a seedy bar picking up bad words and repeating them back without knowing what they really mean."Sarah Austin, CEO and Founder Broad Listening, a company that's created an "Artificial Emotional Intelligence Engine," (AEI), thinks that Microsoft could have done a better job by using better tools.

But in 2016, you’ll encounter different, smarter varieties of chatbots, some of them appearing in your favorite social media applications.

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