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13-Apr-2018 19:11

No one I know who is halfway good at pickup would ever say anything close to this. Second, you don't ask a boring question like, "How's the fruit plate?

" The girl recognizes that it's a neg in the next frame.

In the first frame of the comic, the stick figure on the right says, "Pickup artists are dehumanizing creeps who see relationships as adverserial (sic) and women as sex toys." Are there pickup artists out there with these attitudes? Are there non-pickup artists out there with these attitudes? Back in the day I taught workshops around the US with Mystery, and met hundreds or thousands of students. Most were genuinely nice guys who wanted to overcome shyness or learn some social skills.

In the next frame, Randall takes the obligatory shot at negging. He's a good friend of mine, and we lived together for about a year. The point of a neg isn't to undermine a girl's confidence (do you REALLY think that's possible with an extremely hot girl in a club? The point is to signal that you aren't intimidated by her and will treat her like a normal person. I made fun of her for accidentally spilling water on herself.

My friends and I make fun of each other in a joking way all the time-- the response is always laughter, or maybe a counter-retort. She made fun of me for wearing dumb looking flip-flops. It's all in good fun-- call it negging, or teasing, or banter, either way it's playful and friendly.

With girls the response is usually something along the lines of a joking, "You jerk! Some people, like Randall, don't understand what a neg is. Because all of the guys talking like "fucking human being(s)" are boring and so obviously failing to attract the girls, that the girls think it's hilarious. But even if you disagree and think that normal is a good place to be, what about people who CAN'T talk like a normal human being?

This, again, demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what pickup is about.

Men, that is those that haven't offed themselves in some ridiculous stunt, will enjoy less competition for mates once they are past the age of 35.

I'm sure we've all seen some similar version of this joke concept before, and I don't think it's a bad concept.

Waiting for a girl to be isolated is predatory, weak, and strategically unsound.

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It's much better to approach when she's with the guy and make friends with both of them.

Just in case you couldn't figure out that "GITHUB for Lesbians" is illogical, Randall tells you that it is! It's like that crappy strip about the news and big numbers.

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